Hula-Dance-A-Thon Thursday, April 26th

We are excited to be hosting the return of the Hula-Dance-A-Thon on Thursday, April 26th.  The event will begin at 12:15pm for the kinders with 15 minutes of dancing in the courtyard. The Grades 1-6 will then be participating in the event from 12:30-2:30pm.  Hot 89.9 Street Team will be bringing a kid friendly playlist to get the kids dancing and there will be hula hooping in the gym.

THIS YEAR:  the students are asked to bring a Toonie for the Hula-Dance-A-Thon. The monies raised will go towards a face lift and addition to the outdoor recreation areas. 2 more Four-Squares will be added as well as targets on the walls.  In addition to revamping the play areas each classroom will receive a recess bag with outdoor equipment.

We are looking for additional parent volunteers to attend the event.  If you are able to help out please contact us.



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