The May School Council Meeting…

Another productive and engaging turnout for the May School Council meeting.  The predominate discussion held was on the Gr 7 expansion. Our principal was able to give the council some updates on the construction that will be done so that our new intermediate students will have facilities and extracurriculars ready (fingers crossed!) for September.  Some of the new facilities as well as parent questions are covered in the council minutes.

There were reminders about the upcoming free parent workshop on technology and the school climate survey (deadline extended to Friday, May 18th).  Check out our facebook group and twitter for more information. An update on Spring Fling was given to inform us amongst other things that gift basket auction info will be coming home this week to let you know what theme your child’s class will be donating.  A more detailed summary of the May Council meeting are posted here on our website

Please note that final budget and school budget of parent generated funds (from food programs) will be posted to the WAPS Council website mid/late June once we have finalized our expenses and fundraisers.  



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