Spring Fling – Volunteer Spots Still Available!

Ok – we nearly have a record here!  🙂
There’s only 18 volunteer spots left to be filled and we are a full 5 days out from FRIDAY – that’s Amazing!
A big Well Done and Thank-you!  If you’ve already put your name down to volunteer 🙂 🙂
I’ve been doing this for 6 years and have never been this close to filling all the spots this early 🙂
SO, if you have been procrastinating, or if you’ve been busy with the race weekend or the endless kids’ sports/activities, please just take a minute now and sign up to volunteer (you’ll be there anyways)!
Wouldn’t it be incredible to have the whole event filled up by tomorrow?  What fantastic school spirit 🙂
Here’s the link again:
If the link is giving you trouble – just email and let me know what spot you’d like to volunteer for, I’ll do the rest!
See you Friday!
Lisa Nicol
WAPS Volunteer Coordinator

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