Garden & Cultivating Cooks


Our Committee plans for and arranges all care-taking activities for the school vegetable garden. The Garden Committee plans the garden layout, coordinates planting (seeds and seedlings), helps with  regular upkeep (weeding and watering) and coordinate with teachers and classrooms.  The Garden Committee fundraises for new soil, mulch and general improvements for the beds on an annual basis. The Garden Committee manages the Summer Volunteer Schedule whereby WAPS families can sign up for a week of garden care-taking (watering and weeding) with the extra benefit of being able to help themselves to the weekly harvest available.

Cultivating Cooks:

Cultivating Cooks is a classroom based gardening and cooking program that connects students with local chefs, community gardeners and other local food producers. The overall goal is to get kids enthusiastic about “all things green”- understanding how they too can become “green garden stewards” both at school and at home. Teachers are actively involved in the process and have an opportunity to partake alongside the students; learning about healthy food systems and sustainable food practices by engaging in hands-on activities.

The Cultivating Cooks program will allow students to understand more about where our food comes from, identify a wide variety of produce through taste testing and cooking, learn why local food is important, and how to make healthy food choices. Students have an opportunity to tend to the school garden, help grow plants and crops and then cook with the foods they harvest. Farmers and Chefs have an opportunity to engage with the community in which they live and further support and encourage good food sustainability through these vital connections with schools, students and their families. Children learn and are inspired to grow their own food in their “urban center” and also create important connections with community leaders – all the while having fun!

For the 2017/2018 School year Cultivating Cooks will be offered for the Grade 3 classrooms. The program fees for the 2017/2018 year are being covered partially by the school, by Council and supported with the Metro Green Apple Grant. To continue to offer this program annually at WAPS, “Fresh from the Farm” fundraising activities will be coordinated.