About Council

School Council is more than just meetings!

School Council is a forum for bringing the school community together, including teachers, school administration, parents, guardians and family members.

Every parent has something to contribute to council.

School Council is made up of hardworking parents and community members just like you who want to support their children’s success at school.

Parents/guardians and family members play the first and most important role in their children’s education and are key partners in building a quality education system. One purpose of the School Council is to promote and support the involvement of parents in their child’s learning. In addition to volunteering in the classroom and supporting your children at home, it is another option for parents to get involved in the school, learn more about your child’s education, find resources and support.


Another important purpose of School Council is communication between the school community (teachers, administration and the Board) and the parent community (parents, guardians and family members). Council shares information with parents and the community, seeks their ideas and consults on their views about matters under consideration, and involves the parent community in decisions, priority setting and planning.


A significant activity of School Council is fundraising. These parent-generated funds pay for many programs and initiatives that enhance the school day of our children, such as the arts and physical activity programs, classroom resources and supports. For more details on Council projects & initiatives, see the dedicated pages.

Community Outreach

Another activity of School Council is community outreach. We work with other councils through the Ottawa-Carleton Assembly of School Councils, with other schools that need resources and expertise, and with our community. We organize fun events at the school that promote school and community interaction.


How can you get involved? See our Get Involved! page.

How can you get in touch with us? See our Contact Us page.


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