Who is on Council?

Executive Group 2017-2018

The Woodroffe Avenue Public School Council Executive Group for the 2017-18 school year was ratified on September 19, 2017. If you would like to take the lead on a vacant position or contribute in another way to council, send an email to woodroffecouncil@gmail.com.

Council Executive:

  • ChairLisa Vandermeer
  • Vice-Chair: Daniela Humeniuk
  • Treasurer: Maggie Green
  • Secretary: Sarah Futterer
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Winkey Wong
  • Communications Coordinator: Jennifer St. Pierre
  • OCASC Representative: Mohamed Sofa
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Lisa Nicol
  • Multicultural Arts Coordinator: Sarah Futterer
  • Safe Travel Planning Representative: Vacant
  • Community Representative: Vacant
  • Director at Large (Healthy Active Kids): Julie Findlay & Liz Burgess
  • Director at Large (Emotional Well Being): Tricia Ross
  • Director at Large (Garden): Carley Schelck
  • Director at Large (Outreach): Pam Cameron
  • Movie Night Coordinator: Nicole Duguay

Volunteer Lead Positons:

  • Ski and Snowboard Club Coordinator: woodroffeski@gmail.com
  • Soccer Club Coordinator: Marek Urban
  • Scientists in Schools Coordinator: Connie Sutherland
  • Library Diversification Coordinators: Josephine Dyrkton & Li Chiu
  • Family Dance Coordinator: Daniela Humeniuk
  • Yearbook Team: Laura Olac & Lisa Vandermeer
  • Carlingwood Gift Card Fundraiser: Vacant
  • Spring Fling Coordinators: Nicole Duguay & Daniela Humeniuk
    • Book Sale Lead: Sarah Berglas
    • Cookie Sale Lead: Vacant
    • Silent Auction Basket Coordinator: Vacant

Past Woodroffe Avenue Public School Council Members


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