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At the May School Council Meeting…

There was a lot of information delivered in the final School Council Meeting for the 2018-2019 school year.  The principal gave a detailed report of upcoming activities such as hurling, the rooftop photo and a Eid feast.  Information on next year’s teacher’s placement and projected class sizes were presented as was a financial report on the School Generated Funds.  For more details on the principal’s report please see the Council Minutes.

School Council had some final business to be voted upon with the potential surplus of funds that were raised this year.  A request for the purchase of a used drum kit was approved and a discussion for upgrading the stage lighting had started.  Our final communication home will be our Year End flyer in June 2019 summarizing our fundraising and initiatives from this year. WAPS School Council will be back starting in September, tentatively the Back the School Picnic on Tues,Sept 10th and the Annual General Council meeting on Tues, Sept 17th . We are also looking at hosting a Breakfast School Council meeting in November for anyone that can’t make a Tuesday evening. More info to come in September.

Anyone interested in participating on council for the 2019-2020 school year or has
questions about roles and time commitments, please contact