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At the April School Council Meeting…

There was much discussion at our well attended April Council Meeting.  We had updates from the various committee members.  The Woodroffe Garden will be re-opening at the end of May/beginning of June with the help of the Gr. 3s and the Cultivating Cooks program.  We will be looking for people to help with the watering over the summer holidays to keep the garden thriving into the following school year.   We are hosting our first rain barrel sale (May 17th) and plant sale (May 18th). There was discussion on how to best present the Emotional Wellbeing free parenting workshops for next year.  Perhaps moving the second workshop to May, joining with other schools, and broader communication of the event were suggestions to help with attendance.  Our new Spring Fling Coordinators presented some great ideas for this years event including having a performance from the band Hey Buster, temporary tattoo decals, a team arcade game and the return of the very popular reverse dunk tank and food trucks.  The updated budget showed that we are in good shape to have a small surplus, which we will further discuss and vote upon the priorities for spending.  For a full list of all issues discussed plus the Principal Report please see the full Council Meeting Minutes.  Our next meeting (and last for the year) will be held May 14th.  We will have reports from our various committees, a report from the principal and if you have anything to discuss please email in advance to have your topic added to the agenda.