Healthy Active Kids

The Healthy Active kids Committee is hoping to instill a love of physical activity and help kids fit it into their everyday lives. Doing so can set healthy patterns that will last into adulthood.

We are so happy to continue working together with teachers and administration to provide what is needed to open doors, provide opportunities and time to help students pursue a healthy active lifestyle.

A few highlights from the past:

We have brought in sport experts from the community to share their love of sport with students and staff. They provided age appropriate strategies and games to enhance each grade development.

— Inspire and Educate:
We have had past and current Olympians  come to speak to the students about passion and perseverance in sport.  Ray Zahab brought the students on a virtual tour across the Sahara Desert.

—Community Engagement:
We have had local sport teams and mascots come and play with the students.
‘Bump Out Hunger’ with the Ottawa Gee Gees Woman’s Team.
Sparky – Fury mascot kicked off the Hearts in Motion one day event and provided tickets to all students to watch a Fury game.

— Sports in School:
Healthy Active week. For a week, we introduced and engaged
students in a range of sports outside of the curriculum. Giving them an opportunity to find another sport that fits for them.

…Stats show that Healthy, physically active kids also are more likely to be academically motivated, alert, and successful. And physical competence builds self-esteem at every age.

if you have time, please volunteer with us this year! Many active plans in the works.

Let’s do it!

active kids




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